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Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholder Consultation
S. No. Title Attachment File Publish Date
1 Stakeholder Consultation-Proposal for change in Indian Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy rules Download (420.9 KB) pdf 06/06/2018
2 Additional Proposal for amendment in anti-subsidy rules Download (265.37 KB) pdf 27/06/2018
3 Proposal on Confidentiality Download (387.58 KB) pdf 29/06/2018
4 Revised proposal for change in Indian Anti-Dumping and Anti-Subsidy Rules Download (2.07 MB) pdf 12/07/2019
5 Proposal for change in Indian Safeguard Rules Download (542.47 KB) pdf 22/07/2019
6 Extension of time for providing comments on proposed Rules Download (299.46 KB) pdf 01/08/2019